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More Overdrive back issues in need of a home

| January 03, 2015

The images above are from the last cache of Overdrive back issues that a reader offered up for any collectors who may be out there — read more about that collection here.

More importantly, a new collection starting with issues “starting in the late 1960s,” says Brandon Tracy, has been found. “I just bought an old house in York, PA, and came across a box of old issues of Overdrive.”


Downtime pursuits -- querying Overdrive back-issue rates

Downtime pursuits — querying Overdrive back-issue rates

Any collectors in the house? Some longtime catalogers have some questions for you about rates....

Tracy’s not exactly “looking to make money off of these issues,” he says. “I’d love to get them in the hands of someone that wanted them. Otherwise, they are going to be recycled quite soon.”

If you have interest, drop a comment here.

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