Parking shortage: DOT looking for driver feedback

| April 24, 2014

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration wants to hear from drivers about the challenges they face in finding parking. 

Their survey, a joint venture with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, calls the problem a “crisis” and wants to hear from drivers as to where and when shortages take place. Click here to take the survey.


Some good news: Jason's Law in the highway bill

Some good news: Jason’s Law in the highway bill

In all the hubbub over the mandate for electronic onboard recorders included in the highway-bill language, it's perhaps been easy to overlook some of better ...

The survey period ends May 2. 

FHWA’s efforts are part of MAP-21 required action on Jason’s Law — the legislation on truck parking named for Jason Rivenburg, a driver who was murdered in 2009 after parking for the night at an abandoned gas station. 

MAP-21 set aside some money to expand parking facilities around the U.S. and required FHWA to do a study on the parking shortage. 


Jason's Law: Five years after the passing of its namesake

Jason’s Law: Five years after the passing of its namesake

In conversation with Overdrive's Wendy Parker, Hope Rivenburg, marking the fifth anniversary of the death of her husband, for whom the Jason's Law truck parking ...

OD Senior Editor Todd Dills put together a comprehensive list of background stories on Jason’s Law in a blog post in 2012, after MAP-21 was passed. Click here to see that story. 

Also, OD blogger Wendy Parker was able to talk with Hope Rivenburg in March, just after the five-year anniversary of Jason’s death. Click here to read that story and listen to a podcast of her conversation with Hope. 

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