Don’t ban me, bro

"I'd like to give a complete list of the banned items, thoughts, beliefs and actions, but the ban police might ban me from the interwebs if I do."

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Flying OTR with owner-operator Joe Czmiel

Introducing owner-operator Joe Czmiel's FlyOTR.com, offering 12-by-18-inch flags meant to fly from the lock bars on van doors.

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SpongeBob Squarepants underwear OK in truckstop coffee line

If you know Mike "Mustang" Crawford, Overdrive's 2010 Driver of the Year, you probably hear from him from time to time with an epic, often quite hilarious story. Last time we checked in on the Prime-leased Missouri owner-operator here Crawford told of his rig's accidental involvement in the Miami MLK Day parade. Just yesterday, though, he called with another heck of a tale while I waited for an Omaha Orange-painted Bluebird bus (pictured) to ferry me to a demo at Schneider National's Driver Training Center in Green Bay, Wis., about ...

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