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Broker compensation analysis: What to expect long- and short-term

"Variation" is the watchword in any analysis of broker compensation.

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Roads not taken, part 1: Owner-operator turned broker, freight agent

While there’s no guarantee a nondriving job will boost your earnings, plenty of truckers have found good money, opportunity for advancement and better quality of life after coming off the road. This series looks at several opportunities.

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New load board hopes to facilitate O/O-shipper connections

UPDATE 10/18/2016 about No Broker Valerie Hemmings is the spouse of an owner-operator running under his own authority -- she recently wrote in with something of a plea for owner-operators to stand together for better rates, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the many permutations of middlemen in the ultimate carrier-shipper transaction. "Owner/Operators," she wrote, are "gasping for financial air because of the middlemen like brokers, agents and double-brokerage side-line agents, and fake brokers who ...

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