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Wendy and the fried-inverter blues: "Trucking is an adventure, albeit an expensive one, and even though I'm certain she wants to kill us, every time I hear that deep, bubbly Detroit Diesel percolating and popping I'm in love with this truck all over again..."

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‘Train horn: first person brings me $25 can have it, come on.’

"Sitting in the parking lot of some truck stops is like having a live version of “Home Shopping Network.” People sell all kinds of things on what I refer to as 'CB-bay.'"

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Xantrex: 3 inverter installation tips

1. Installation best at the factory or authorized dealer aftermarket: If you're considering an aftermarket inverter installation to an older truck or mulling options on a new vehicle, take it under advisement that leading inverter manufacturer Xantrex Technology reps have formally recommended inverter installation by a truck OEM or an authorized dealer. According to Xantrex, inverter shipments have risen sharply since 2005, and the company expects sales to increase at least 40 percent in the next ...

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