Labor Day

Spot market UP-date, weekend edition: Good news for a change

The weekly demand charts from DAT came in a smidge later than usual this week, so I thought I'd host them here on the blog this time around. Data is for the week prior to Labor Day, and the good news is that volume and load-to-truck ratios rose on the spot market and rates followed, especially for vans and reefers. Van rates added 6 cents, and reefers got 3 cents themselves. Flatbeds gained just a penny per mile. ...

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FreightWatch, CargoNet issue Labor Day cargo theft warnings

According to FreightWatch, 89 percent of cargo thefts that took place on Labor Day weekend in 2015 happened in California, Texas, Florida and Georgia. CargoNet lists the same four states and adds New Jersey as the most-targeted states during recent Labor Day weekends.

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‘Left Lane Gang’ celebrates right in S.C.

Need some ideas for a Labor Day gathering for the ages? Look no farther than the annual whole-pig barbecues of the South Carolina Association of Large Car Operators.

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