lane departure

Fatigue detection — where some driver-facing camera techs are headed

Advancement in camera techs are headed down a path toward, in various ways, what might seem to be a safety holy grail: being able to deliver observations of drivers and context around events where fatigue is at issue -- and assist drivers themselves in taking action. Do you have experience with these techs' in-cab-warning predecessors?

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The pros and cons of bringing ‘Moneyball’ to trucking

Have any of the industry’s good intentions (longer retention, improved safety) with predictive analytics had effects that drivers would consider not so good?

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Lane departure warning available in Kenworth T line

The Takata SafeTrak 3 lane departure warning system is available for the Kenworth T660, T700 and T800. The systems uses an interior-mounted camera with vision software and attention to turn signal usage to alert drivers of inadvertent lane departures. The SafeTrak package is compatible with the J1939 wiring system, and the unit, wiring harness, two headliner-mounted speakers, dash-mounted rocker switch and system status lamp come pre-installed. KENWORTH,; TAKATA,, (248) 451-4298

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