Download: ‘Drivin’ My Life Away’ version by Tony Justice

With driver and singer-songwriter Tony Justice's "Apple Pie Moonshine" hitting all the major truck stops in the next weeks, a special download here for Overdrive readers.

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Freewheelin’s top 10 trucking songs after 1985

With Overdrive's September 50th anniversary issue hard on the way, and considering folks at the Great American Trucking Show got a sneak peak at the 50 top technical milestones John Baxter and oiur editorial crew put together, I thought I'd offer up a little for you. You'll recall our all-time top ten trucking songs, of course, a nice collection of tunes from the golden age. While the classics garner recognition in the all-time list, trucking music ...

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The Keys Truckers’ ‘Letter to Capitol Hill’

File this one under "modest proposal." Seems Keys Truckers Jan and James (pictured) McCarter are always involved when a nice slab of satire graces the blog here, not to mention good music. In any case, last week was a banner in both quarters. Amid the week's run of comments surrounding our top-10 trucking songs poll results, I found a vid I'd missed in "Bobby Boofay's Trucking Songs." Among the hits sampled on James McCarter's hilarious alterego's ...

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