1970s-era Overdrive staffer enjoyed storied past

Bonnie Robinson, who served as an Overdrive receptionist during the 1970s, posted a great note on the Facebook page for OverdriveRetro this week. “When the offices were located in Hollywood, we had an old PBX board in a room by itself facing the street with a gate to admit people upstairs to the offices,” she wrote.

“Within a block or two, there were Wally Heider’s studios, recording stars, the Gong Show auditions and everything else near Hollywood and Vine. It added a lot of color,” Robinson said. “A hearse parked outside on the street around the time of Hoffa’s disappearance and bomb threats added more excitement.”

Robinson, who has lived and worked along the West Coast since those days, is going to be featured on OverdriveRetro in September. Check back for more of hers — and others’ stories already posted on OverdriveRetro’s “Years Ago” features.

In the meantime the former staff told Overdrive: “After all these years, Mike Parkhurst and his dad remain great memories.”

It will be great talking to you, Bonnie, and sharing more of your stories with our readers.

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