Reader: ‘Shipping Wars’ coverage ‘disgusting’

After Overdrive ‘s recent online chat with hotshot operator Jennifer Brennan of the “Shipping Wars” TV Show, more than one reader responded with strong words about the reality show’s affect on trucking image and more. With complaints about the perceived “unreality” of the show and about the transport auction model, which inverts the traditional auction and encourages downward bidding on rates, chief among the views was that of Mary Hanlon, who, after she wrote the letter below also wrote that “I did, against my better judgment, watch the chat after the broadcast and wondered who fluffed those questions up. All I can say is what an insult to the drivers struggling daily to try to make a living. Shoot that in an office with all the paperwork required or show one of the bozos on the show going through a DOT audit…. Each and every carrier on [] needs a compliance review.”

As for the chat questions, well, those came from readers predominantly. Concerning the merits of the show itself and the online freight marketplace, take a tour through Hanlon’s letter and tell us what you think here in the comments.  (Related: At the Great American Trucking Show last week, uShip announced some new tools for commercial shippers and transporters that will run counter to their predominant auction model. Read more about them here. Using Transcore’s CarrierWatch Verified program on the site, which confirms carriers’ uShip profiles with federal filings, too, can give transporters access to the Book It Now function for some loads.)

Hanlon’s letter:

I am not sure what you think you are doing other than infuriating truckers. With all the choking FMCSA is doing to the trucking industry you waste space in your magazine to highlight Shipping Wars‘ Jennifer.  And then have a live chat set up so we can all learn how to become real truckers.

Every yahoo with a pickup truck is out here trying to jump into the trucking business.  A&E, uShip and everybody promoting this cartoon called Shipping Wars and the cartoon characters on the show should be ashamed.

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FMCSA should be embarrassed to continue harassing drivers, wasting time and tax dollars with their regulations when everybody watches police stop somebody for bypassing scales because they are tired and just lets them go. No seatbelts, no authority,  talking on cellphones as they ride along the highways. 

Where are all the special interest groups? Where are all the DOT inspectors who are putting companies out of business on a daily basis?  I guess it might be for the best — the companies that were put out of business can just go over to uShip where they can run under the radar and be featured in trucking magazines as the cream of the crop.

Disgusting! –Mary Hanlon, Road Star Ventures, Milton, Ky.

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