Birds of a feather: Trucking tweeps @OverdriveUpdate

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Updated Dec 6, 2012

More new and/or noteworthy followers of Overdrive’s Twitter feed, @overdriveupdate. Find others via the last edition.

@misterbeerbelly blogs at the website of the same name (, sharing items on the course of his quest to lose weight. Good humor and inspiration are his strong suits. “Christmas day I was 272,” he tweeted in April. “Today I am 223. Almost 50 pounds! (It’s amazing how much weight you can lose when you stop drinking 12 packs.)”

@clydeangel is the Twitter handle of Sandra Hodges of Monroe County, Tenn., self-described “truck driver, karate instructor, bartender…” Principally, also, “dog lover” and “wolf lover.” Canine enthusiasts will be heartened to note that, at press time, Hodges was promoting efforts to find loving homes for shelter animals — follow her for more.

Via @gearjammercafe, the folks behind the eponymous restaurant in the back of the Penn Jersey Truck Stop in Phillipsburg, N.J. share daily specials, diesel prices and more. A recent breakfast round-up included “chipped beef, banana pancakes, or 2 eggs/2 hot cakes/bacon & toast.”

@strongtruckin: Robert Strong is “just a danged ol’ truck driver out here truckin’ across America,” he says, likewise a recipient of a kidney transplant “trying to enjoy life.” Strong’s an animated sharer of conservative news, views and humor. Sharing a picture of a bird with the cartoon-bubble legend “All I need is $1 from 1 million people to be a millionaire,” he gave his kudos thusly: “Just mail that to Strong Truckin, Gilman City, Mo. Thanks for your support!!!!!”