Readers: More gun restriction won’t help

Updated Jan 17, 2013

Gun Control Hot Buttons PollIn the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut late last year, ending a particularly gruesome year for mass murder in the United States, Overdrive readers delivered a message counter to general-public polling data in answer to our own question on gun ownership and official restrictions. With President Obama’s announced priorities on tightening restrictions and media outlets reporting poll results showing a fairly even split on most questions about the need for more or less controls on ownership, nine out of 10 Overdrive readers say they either favor fewer restrictions or stand in support of the regulatory status quo.

“If the government enforced the current regulations prohibiting violent criminals and the psychologically impaired from obtaining guns, these atrocities would be far less,” wrote Lou Segarra of Elmont, N.Y. His home state’s government, as of this writing, had just made a move ahead of the federal government to write new restrictions on magazine capacity to no more than 7 rounds into its existing laws, among other changes. “Instead,” Segarra added, “the government simply uses these horrific acts to grandstand and make new laws … in an effort to justify their salaries.”

Reader Craig Hansen told the story of the two times he’d had to “present” his weapon in 32 years of ownership. “Both times it did save my life,” he said, “thereby saving my family too.” While he says he’s grateful “for the security our police and armed forces afford us to enjoy in the peace and sanctity of everyday life … sometimes you’re on your own.”

Such as the time he backed up a local deputy during a break-in at a neighbor’s house. “Our deputies are really spread thin here and could use a break,” said Hansen. The deputy “was glad for the help. I respect you if don’t like or want a gun, but I do … and I want the same respect given to me.”

Gun Control Hot Button 2Find other responses below:
Russell Steen: Where does it end? The government has no plan, no budget, no morals – now they want our rights as well.

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Charlie Baker: The only reason for government to enact gun control is to keep the people from resisting the government. The Second Amendment was written to allow the people the means to resist tyrants, whether they be domestic or foreign.

Chris Nixon: Gun control does not mean gun confiscation — that’s a ridiculous fear instilled in gullible minds by a gun industry driven by profits over humanity. I’m a gun owner, and a Second Amendment advocate, but I have no use for an assault rifle designed to kill humans in mass numbers on the battlefield.

Shawn L. Hubbard: With all due respect, civilian assault rifles fire one bullet with every trigger pull, just like any other gun. Assault rifles are no more dangerous than any other gun. The difference is that the gun has a cosmetic aesthetic that appeals to people. If you believe these guns should be banned, then you believe in banning guns, period.

Gordon Alkire: Guns do not walk into a place and pull their own triggers. Same with automobile accidents where people are killed — the car did not get into the accident on its own.