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Where do the trucks sleep at night?

| August 13, 2012

Another book for the kids here (if you missed the last I wrote about, based on a former owner-operator’s career behind the wheel, check out the Grandpa and the Truck series here) — it’s the first children’s book from a longtime elementary schoolteacher Brianna Caplan Sayres, who says she knew nothing about trucks whatsoever before one of her sons began the long education for her.

“Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?”, pictured, is described as well appropriate for ages 2 and up, and purports to detail “the different ways in which diggers, dump trucks, snow plows, tractors and more spend their bedtime rituals in surprisingly familiar ways.” Aw…

If you have young children, stay tuned to the blog in future for a potential chance to win a copy.

Where’s your truck sleeping this eve? Here’s hoping it can start the week off right with plenty…

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