Belgium, Wis.

This is the trail that got me thinking about putting together a guide of trucker friendly trails. I have been stopping at the How Dea Truck Stop for more than 20 years. I had even run east about 3 miles to a state park along Lake Michigan. Then one day I was eating a large, unhealthy breakfast when I spotted truckin’ runner Steve Fiel doing the same thing. So, I suggested a post breakfast walk into town. We walked about a half mile, and there it was: the Ozaukee County Interurban Trail. I never knew it was there.

Since that day I have ridden on this trail several times. It is a 30-mile-long rail trail that runs the length of Ozaukee County. If you are ambitious and have the time you can work your way to downtown Milwaukee.

The trail is not part of the Wisconsin DNR rail trail system. It is free to runners and cyclists. Many trails are convenient to truck parking. The interurban trail is more than that. It is a great trail. I recommend going north on the trail. It is more protected from the east winds off of Lake Michigan by trees like the one in the photo. Going south does afford you views of the lake, but those winds can get cold and tough to deal with. If you ever find yourself heading north out of Green Bay on I-43, check it out. Even if you are going to the towns up 57 this trail is not far off course. The county road that passes through Belgium will take you back to 57.

You can park your truck at exit 107. The How Dea is a full-service truckstop. The restaurant is definitely one of the better truckstop restaurants. Subway and McDonalds are right across the street. For a Wisconsin treat walk east about .75 miles to the Lake Church Sports Bar. Great grilled sandwiches and typical Wisconsin drinks. To get to the trail go west toward downtown Belgium. The trail crosses the main drag. If you want to go to a different town Cedar Grove is just 7 miles north on the trail.

You can learn more about this trail at For more trails I recommend .