Drivewyze: Free weigh-station alert function for app

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Readers with Android phones can take advantage of the new weigh-station alert functionality of the Drivewyze PreClear app via this link.Readers with Android phones can take advantage of the new weigh-station alert functionality of the Drivewyze PreClear app via this link.

Drivewyze PreClear weigh-station bypassing app is out in a new version, PreClear 3.0. The company is touting a new feature available to app users without a subscription to the bypassing service built into the app, a free nationwide weigh station and inspection site alert service. 

Initially available only on Android smartphones/tablets (the bypass service is also available on iOS devices), the app gives drivers “advance notice of upcoming weigh stations and inspection sites, so they have time to prepare,” said Drivewyze Vice President Brian Mofford. “Users will get an audio and visual alert two miles and one mile before the weigh station. They will know when they need to be in the correct lane and to slow down to pull in to the station or inspection site, if necessary.” 

They will not however, know whether the site is manned and operating or closed, sources confirm. Alerts occur regardless of the station’s status. 

Users can download the free app and use it immediately without any obligation or time limits, Mofford said. No account creation is require to access the weigh-station alert service. And also unlike the bypassing service, “The Drivewyze Weigh Station Heads Up service works in all 50 states,” Mofford added, “and recognizes both permanent weigh stations and temporary inspection sites at more than 700 locations nationwide.”

Optional 30-day free trials of the subscription-based Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service are available via the app as well. With the bypass service (otherwise priced at$15.75 per vehicle monthly), drivers receive not only a free heads-up notification, but also the opportunity to request and receive bypass privileges at 252 weigh stations and inspection sites across 19 states. Find a full coverage map here. Bypass rates range from 50 percent to 98 percent based on a carrier’s credentials and safety record.

The new version of PreClear 3.0 also features improved functionalities to enhance the ease and simplicity of its interface.

Company video below details the updated PreClear software. 

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