Trucking rap sheet: Drug tester debarred, CDL scheme update


The Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General recently announced court activity in two trucking-related crime investigations. Here’s a summary of what happened with each:

Florida man pleads guilty in CDL testing scheme

Adrian Salari pleaded guilty July 21 to conspiracy for his involvement in a CDL testing scheme in Florida, according to the OIG.

Larex Incorporated, a trucking school marketed toward Russians, charged between $1,800 and $5,000 for services in obtaining a CDL in the state. Salari, along with others, helped students cheat on the CDL written exam by supplying answers during the testing, along with giving students false certifications and other documents to satisfy residency requirements, the OIG’s report states.

More on this case can be seen here.

Owner of Texas drug testing company debarred by FMCSA

Andy Garr, owner of Compliance Services of East Texas, a FMCSA-registered drug collection company, was debarred for three years for submitting false statements to the agency, according to the DOT.

The report states Garr collected numerous drug testing samples from Rapid CDL, a truck driving school affiliated with Panola College, and told the school he’d send the tests to a lab for testing and to a medical provider for review.

The DOT’s investigation found that Garr never sent samples to be tested and instead forged results using letterhead from the lab and falsified a doctor’s signature.

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