Seeking recommendations for wormhole repair

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No, it’s not the number of reasons the ELD rule should be delayed, although it’s close.

I (we) have 562 ornaments on an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree. It only increased by 12 this year, and for someone who has a distinct problem with collecting Christmas tree ornaments, I feel like it shows great restraint.

George would probably disagree, but he has 99 jackets, so there’s that.

“Remember that time we were in Otay Mesa at the Jack in the Box?”“Remember that time we were in Otay Mesa at the Jack in the Box?”

Also, wasn’t it just last week that I packed these things away? I think we need some wormhole repair around this joint. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the day before yesterday was Easter, right? I don’t even think I had a chance to wear white shoes when it was seasonable. Dangit.


No, it’s not the number of confabulated numbers used by “experts” to sell a method of timekeeping as a safety device, although if I extrapolate how many ducks wear orange hats from nonexistent data and add it to the number of basketball games Virginia Tech won in 1972, I could come up with something close.

There are 937 published pieces on the Overdrive website in the George and Wendy Show blog. It increased by 144 this year, and considering we never had any intention of it becoming my full-time job, I find that amazing.

George will agree with this one, and add that traveling has increased my Christmas-tree ornament problem exponentially, but it (the traveling) is also the reason he has 99 jackets, so there’s that.

Also, wasn’t it just last year we almost spent Christmas in Colby, Kan.?

Colby, Kan., 2012Colby, Kan., 2012

Again, the wormhole must have gobbled up five years, because the Christmas decoration I got in Colby says, “Colby, Kansas, December 2012.” There’s no possible way it’s been five years. What kind of sorcery is this?

So, as we unpack the Christmas decorations and get ready for Thanksgiving again (for what seems like the third time this year – reference: “malfunctioning worm hole in this joint”). I am once again struck by how very much our lives are enriched by the experiences we have and the friends we’ve met through trucking.

Having the tangible little pieces we’ve collected in the places we would have never been without trucking reminds me to be especially thankful for the positive things the industry brings to our lives. (And I mean beyond groceries and toilet paper – but hey, let’s hear it for groceries and toilet paper, I’m always thankful to have both.)

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Thank you, truckers, for making it possible once again for our family to have a happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate what you do, and hope you enjoy the holiday, wherever you may roam. (And if you see any cool Christmas decorations on clearance, give a sista a shout.)