Cadle Transport 2013 Coronado glider, small fleet rise from recession’s ashes

| July 27, 2015

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Owner-operator Ben Cadle

Owner-operator Ben Cadle

Owner-operator Ben Cadle launched his independent business with his own authority in 2007, right as the financial world was starting to collapse under its own weight, taking the freight market along with it. Cadle, in some ways, saw opportunity in the hit, and for the first few years of the business made his way into expansion to a small fleet of Freightliners hauling equipment out of shuttered businesses of a variety of stripes, running with flats and other open decks.


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Hear him tell the story in brief in the video above, captured during the 2015 Crossville, Tenn., edition of Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish show at Fitzgerald Glider Kits, where Cadle showed his flagship 2013 Coronado glider as well as a 2013 Cascadia in partnership with Larry Murray, dedicated driver of the latter unit.

When the recession did finally catch up with him in 2011, he made another big decision to lead on with Bennett Motor Express to remove some of the burden of liability insurance and the maintenance of authority, as it were, that came with multiple trucks. Today, he puts that act of leasing on among the “best decisions” he’s made relative to trucking.

Pictures follow of both rigs, with more of the Augusta, Ga.-based Cadle Transport story.

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