700,000 prophylactics yanked from cargo container

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Containership00011You just can’t discount the humor in some cargo thefts — long as, of course, it’s not your load getting boosted. While in the cases of the zoo-bound camels and tiger heisted in Quebec or the stolen load of green highlighters in South Carolina there was at least a probability, albeit a small one, that a reader may have felt picked on, I feel pretty certain no one reading this post was the victim of what news outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are saying was a heist of load of 700,000 Sagami Rubber Industries-produced ultrathin condoms from a cargo container en route from the Japanese manufacturer’s Malaysia plant.

As wrote the folks at Antara News, “Officials at Sagami’s head office have said that the prophylactics, which it bills as being 14 percent thinner than conventional ones, are worth 1.5 million dollars at Japanese retail prices.” Tip of the hat to the folks at uShip’s “Ship Happens” blog for the scoop, as it were.

What’s not humorous in any fashion is the rise in theft incidents in North America. We’ve reported on it extensively here in sincere fashion, and the folks at Freightwatch, with some of the best national tracking of the problem in recent years, recently reported numbers from last year that showed thieves shifting from high-value loads to perishables toward another disturbing record year for theft incident numbers. Read the full report.