Light up the night!; Come on, Ghostwriter

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Updated Aug 12, 2015

It’s picture-sharing time on the Channel 19 blog, today’s edition a special delivery of an Overdrive reader with a passion of shiny bull haulers — not just of the chrome and aluminum-wheels variety either. “I am a 12-year-old boy,” says Ezra Staart, “with a big love for lit-up bull haulers!”

The photo below, says Staart, “is the best one I’ve seen. My Mom and I were lucky enough to park by him at the Flying J in Rapid City, S.D.  Thank you, fellow trucker, for the light show!”

Thanks to you, Ezra.

Bull Hauleruse 800x600

Radio check
Cobra 75 Wx StSince I wrote last week about progress on installing the Cobra 75 WX ST (pictured) in my Ford Focus, I’ve had a few folks write in with suggestions for CB handles, but I’ll have to hand it to Mike “Mustang” Crawford, a man whose own handle has long surpassed his given name in frequency of use among friends and associates, for the moniker I’ll take up, should on-air conversation opportunities arise. (Not much yet, but I’ve been hard at work in the office and on the phone in the last week and more on a feature you’ll hear more about later.)

“It’s perfect,” said Mustang, a former Overdrive Trucker of the Year now running under his own authority, as regular readers will know. (By the way, he’s now just 9,000 miles shy of reaching 3 million safe miles under the hood of just one truck.) “You’re sort of out here with us, listening, writing, and we know you’re out here and know you to a certain extent, but we never see you.”

Yeah: “Ghostwriter.”

“That would fit you well,” Crawford said, and I agree.

Till next time. Over, out.

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