Candidate and fleet owner channels Van Damme in ad

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Updated May 25, 2023
Mike Collins vid

Given the millions of views for the Volvo stunt vid I wrote about last week, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a full split between two moving Volvo cabovers, it was probably only a matter of time before the following happened. 

Georgia Republican Mike Collins is the owner of the Collins Trucking fleet based in Jackson and is also a member of the Board with Georgia’s trucking association. Find his Congressional campaign for Georgia’s 10th District seat via this link

Benefits of the Internet: bring family on the road
Since Wendy Parker’s “How to bring home on the road” piece a few weeks back, I’ve come across more than one example of the dynamic she describes in the piece, a growing sense of drivers of real emotional involvement in family life, enabled by technology.

Overdrive 2010 Trucker of the Year Mike Crawford

The best of them came by way of “Mustang” Mike Crawford, past Overdrive Trucker of the Year. In conversation earler this week, Crawford looked forward to tomorrow when his grandson Michael Hedrick would graduate from boot camp up in wintry Waukegan, Ill, at the Naval Training Center. One proud grandfather and U.S.M.C. veteran himself, with the tattoo to prove it (yes, there’s a story there), there was a catch. With the ceremony upcoming Friday in Illinois, Wednesday morning Crawford was stuck out on the West Coast delivering freight in his Mustang’s Truckin’ 1994 Freightliner. 

All the same, he said, in today’s world, “you can kind of make up for not being there.” He’ll be watching the ceremony via U.S. Navy live stream. While “it’s not exactly the same as being there,” Crawford says, “I’ll sit there all the way across the country and he goes up and salutes the Admiral and the Captain.” 

A little applause for computers and the Internet? 

Amazon Prime Air — got nothing on the meat drone
A friendly note, following my Tuesday post on Amazon’s “Prime Air” drone delivery plans, from the folks at yielded this quite funny take on the delivery drone. 

Get your meat on? OK.

And here are a couple of the responding wisecracks on our Facebook page, starting with my personal favorite: 

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Michael Granstrand: Man dies in freak bowling-ball mishap. Film at 11. 

David Grandahl: Can you say ‘target practice?’

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