In the huddle with football, fleet stats

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The folks from the GPS tracking/field-management company Fleetmatics, in the wake of the big game this past weekend (from which, being something of a casual fan of the game, pretty much all the statistics are interesting to peruse but none of which ultimately make one shred of difference when you throw an interception in the end zone with barely a minute to play, sealing your team’s fate), sent along the infographic below that’s rather neat to peruse in and of itself. Click through it to size up to read the captions.

Huddle up infographic


The company notes in its own post with the graphic that, well, one thing Fleetmatics doesn’t do is provide a tire-pressure inflation or monitoring system — something that “we know some people” (and football teams, they add) “could benefit from.”…

The vehicle-data-monitoring and -mining service is utilized by 24,000-plus customers in fleets of all sizes and shapes worldwide, Fleetmatics says, “with approximately 523,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide.”