A 14-state speed trap: Where enforcement is most prominent

Updated Jul 10, 2021
14 state speed trap
Catch the infographic illustrating the distribution of states putting a high priority on speeding enforcement below.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance of truck-enforcement jurisdictions around the country, federal enforcement representatives and trucking industry representatives stages its annual traffic enforcement event, Operation Safe Driver, next week, July 11-17. The enforcement effort this year responded to what some have called a veritable epidemic in speed-related fatality crashes all around the nation during and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That's across all vehicle types but, anecdotally among truckers, particularly evident in witnessed reckless behavior by garden variety motorists. 

There could be good news in next week's enforcement blitz in that regard for owner-operators and other professionals. Following last year's event, CVSA reported about three times as many warnings and citations issued to passenger vehicle drivers as to truckers during the event, the largest category of violation being speeding. (Operation Safe Driver is unique among CVSA-promoted enforcement initiatives in focusing not just on truckers' compliance with safety regs and state laws governing operation on the roadways, but also passenger-vehicle drivers' behavior around trucks.)  

When it comes to moving violations issued to truckers, though raw numbers nationally declined in 2020 by roughly 20% from 2019 levels, the long-term upward trend of greater and greater percentages of violations indicating enforcement focused on driver behavior continued last year. Speeding violations, as usual, were the biggest single contributor to those numbers.

14 state speed trap  

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