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Good ink on Missouri truck driving championships

| June 07, 2010

Among drive-image-building efforts that are decades-long institutions are the yearly state truck-driving championships, which in 2010 will culminate in the final national competition Aug. 3-7 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The efficacy of the championships in the image arena was on full display in this story, published Sunday in the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader, about that state’s own championships, held on a driving course on the headquarters campus of Prime. I got the chance to visit the carrier last December as I interviewed Overdrive‘s Trucker of the Year for 2010, Prime-leased owner-operator Mike “Mustang” Crawford. I thought I’d share just a couple pictures here of the facility, such as this one of the basketball court where company president Robert Low daily joins drivers and other personnel for an early-afternoon game. 

This is all in the quite nice drivers’ building on the Prime campus, complete with all manner of weight- and fitness-training equipment, spa services for employees and their families, an eating area that resembles a dining area in a nice mall (also pictured) and more. 

As for the championships, results have yet to be released, but keep an eye on for them (I’ll post in the comments here when I have them).

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