16 pawsome pets strut their costumes

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Updated Nov 3, 2018

It’s lonely out there for those on the road, and for those left behind.

Truckers lucky enough to travel with a furry friend say they are safer, happier and less stressed. Fleets with generous pet friendly policies say it’s a strong recruiting and retention benefit.

Many trucking service centers, such as our sponsor for these Halloween photos, CAT Scale company/Iowa 80 Group, say their locations welcome truckers and their furry friends. CAT Scale offers pet food, leashes, toys and supplies and Iowa 80 features the DogOmat Pet Wash on site.

Some of these 16 adorable pets will appear in the December Overdrive magazine. All will receive a free pet wash, courtesy of Iowa 80. Click on each photo to learn about the pet’s name and costume.

1. Do not mess with this attitude-sporting unicorn:

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2. I’ll have a side of bacon with that:

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3. Can’t wait to see my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone:

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4. I may be little, but watch out for my inner werewolf:

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5. This flyboy corgi is a squirrel-shooting TopDog:


6. On-time delivery never looked so cute:

Snapchat 429071887 E1541012631676

7. Reporting for duty, admiral:

Img 1687

8. Nerdy dogs rule!

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9. Guilty as charged, but time off for adorable behavior:

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10. Everybody just leaf me alone:

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11. The devil made me don it:


12. A mighty cute Minnie Mouse!

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13. Prettiest princess on the block:

20170922 184431

14. Mama, don’t let your puppies grow up to be cowboys:

Halloween 2016

15. Eat more chikin:

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16. Or surf more chikin — wait, what????:

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