'Trucker Josh' Giesbrecht: New Howes Hall of Fame member

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Updated Mar 22, 2024

"Trucker Josh" Giesbrecht, owner-operator contracted to Keystone Western based in Manitoba, is something of a household name amongst trucking Youtubers. Since 2011, the Canada-headquartered operator has been self-recording video blogs (vlogs) from his work over-the-road and offering them up via a Youtube channel with a goal of "boosting the perception of truckers and the industry as a whole," said Rob Howes, president of Howes Products. Josh does all that "in a very unique, personal way. His faithful following" on Youtube around the world "is proof of his success in helping to grow awareness and respect for truckers."

For that, Howes has inducted Giesbrecht into the Howes Hall of Hame, announcing the news at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, where Giesbrecht this week is a guest at the Howes Products booth (#14172 in the North Wing), meeting fellow drivers and sharing stories about his career and passion project: publicly documenting his life OTR. His aim has been to curb negative stereotypes about who truckers are and how they live. Giesbrecht offers rare, intimate views of life as a trucker, from behind the wheel to inside his own home.

Josh-Howes-Hall-of-Fame"Trucker Josh" Giesbrecht (left), inducted into the Howes Hall of Fame by Rob Howes (right).

Other currents of content have included advice for fellow haulers, beautiful landscapes from treks across both Canada and the U.S., and much more. Josh has managed to find a way to bridge the gap between drivers and non-drivers alike, Howes noted, even inspiring some to take to the road themselves.

“Trucking is in my blood and had been my livelihood for many years,” said Giesbrecht. “But I wanted to show people what life as a trucker was really like. What’s grown from that undertaking amazes even me. Sharing my time on the road and at home with my family along with all my ups and downs contributed to making my Vlogs what they are today. This acknowledgement further proves that offering a transparent view into what I do is actually making a positive impact on how people see truckers. It’s really exciting to be recognized by Howes.”

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Overdrive Radio logoHowes Products is the primary sponsor of Overdrive Radio. Hear more about past Hall of Fame inductees (most recently owner-operator Kate Whiting), in past episodes of the podcast.The Howes company lauded Giesbrecht's courage sharing so much of himself with the world for an "in-depth and entertaining look into life behind the wheel." The Hall of Fame added that all of it has allowed "Josh to spread positivity in and out of the trucking community. Josh has become a reliable source of information, support, and camaraderie for an extremely diverse viewership. His induction into the Hall of Fame serves as a testament to his dedication, perseverance, and unwavering spirit."

In addition to Giesbrecht, current members of the Howes Hall of Fame (accessible online in an interactive format via this link

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