National Coalition on Truck Parking formed, results of Jason’s Law parking study released

| August 21, 2015
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Survey results noted that 37 U.S. states confirmed a shortage of available parking within their borders. Problems are widespread, “observed in regions with high populations and population densities, along major freight corridors carrying inter-regional commerce, and in locations associated with ports and manufacturing centers,” the Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey’s results note. Find a link to it below.

Today, federal Department of Transportation representatives including Deputy Secretary Victor Mendez, Federal Highway Safety Administrator Gregory Nadeau and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Acting Administrator Scott Darling joined Hope Rivenburg to announce the results of the national truck-parking survey put in motion by the MAP-21 highway bill. With those results, Rivenburg, DOT reps and stakeholder groups on hand in Washington, D.C., for the announcement signed a pledge of commitment to a newly created National Coalition on Truck Parking.

Mendez called the coalition a “call for action for immediate, near-term and long-term solutions” to truckers’ difficulties finding safe, secure parking places in so many areas around the country. “We’re inviting stakeholder groups,” including trucking organizations, state DOTs and others, to take part, he added, “because commercial driver safety is critical. We’re taking a really hard look at this issue.”

Said FMCSA Acting Administrator Scott Darling, “We must do better on this issue.”


Parking shortage hits the mainstream

Parking shortage hits the mainstream

A Wall Street Journal story last week took on the issue of the difficulties faced by truckers finding a safe parking spot in widespread congested ...

Jason Rivenburg, for whom the Jason’s Law provision in the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill is named, was felled in early 2009 by a thief’s bullet during a robbery attempt. He was not the first driver to give his life as a result of the lack of facilities, noted his widow, Hope Rivenburg. And “there have been many since Jason [who’ve died] due to the lack of truck parking.” Rivenburg’s long-term commitment to and advocacy efforts around the trucking parking issue spurred Jason’s Law and its inclusion the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill. The provision makes available to states appropriations for truck parking safety, security and availability programs.


Engagement on parking safety, availability in the wake of driver's murder

Engagement on parking safety, availability in the wake of driver’s murder

Catch a replay of a discussion spearheaded by Allen and Donna Smith Wed., July 16, with Hope Rivenburg and owner-operator Michael Boeglin's widow, Ashley Boeglin, ...

FHWA Administrator Nadeau emphasized the importance his agency is putting on the parking issue. “As I met with State DOTS across the country this summer, I let them know this survey was about to be released – and that it would be a priority of mine.

“This administration,” he added, had an “unshakable commitment” to make driver safety the “utmost priority.”

Uncertainty around highway funding, said Mendez, is partly to blame for a relative dearth of state efforts on the issue to date. “We need more investment in our system,” Mendez said, as well as more of a look into the “issue of public and private parking and driver’s rest stops.” The highway trust fund’s recent 34th short-term extension in lieu of a longer-term highway bill shows a “lack of commitment to investment,” he added. At the state level, “investments are delayed” as a result.


President signs three-month highway patch into law

President signs three-month highway patch into law

President Barack Obama signed into law Friday, July 31, a bill to extend funding for the Highway Trust Fund for three months.

Stakeholders expected to be very active in the newly formed coalition include FHWA, FMCSA (Acting Administrator Darling detailed ongoing work with states on “smart parking” information-dissemination initiatives reported on at this link), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Trucking Associations, the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, the National Association of Truck Stop Operators and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Rivenburg urged all present to continue to beat the drum. While she characterized formation of the coalition as a “very important step,” she most looked forward to what comes next, she said, “to correct this problem.”

Readers can find the full “Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey” results at this link.

For background on the story of Jason Rivenburg and the development of Jason’s Law, read this story rounding up past coverage just after its inclusion in MAP-21.

Video of the full announcement follows.

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