A final 14 -- plus a 3-hour pause -- to count down to 2022: HOS, in-cab cooks, roadside trends in Overdrive Radio

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Updated Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Year to all of you! For this final day of 2021, we've got a special edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast to count down to 2022 with a run back through our most-listened-to episodes of the year. That'd be a final 14 -- plus a 3-hour pause, say -- for a lucky 17 of our 2021 editions of the podcast.

We’re going to hear about the hours of service – particularly in the context of the COVID-19 emergency declaration and its hours waiver, now in place in some form for almost two years. We’ll hear about custom project rigs and restorations, about California’s AB 5 contractor law, now headed to the Supreme Court, about COVID and in-sourcing and cooking in-cab and on the road, as we count down the hours.

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The year-in-review Overdrive Radio episode here works out to a reality-rules/sometimes-bites window on what truck owners were most concerned about over the course of the year. Take a listen: 

We've grouped Nos. 1-17 of the most-listened episodes excerpted there in reverse order in the following playlist. Run back through them all here or via Overdrive Radio's SoundCloud profile. Here's a wish for safe and profitable trucking to you, for 2022. See you on the other side. ... 

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