Readers’ name suggestions for trucking image campaign’s ‘mascot’

| May 30, 2017

Two weeks ago, the Trucking Moves America Forward image effort asked truckers to send in suggestions for this mascot’s name via the campaign’s Facebook page or email to

Among more than a few sarcastic name suggestions like “Ditchy SmashenCrash” and Aaron Johnson‘s “‘Super Trucker,’ since everyone that comes out of trucking school thinks they are the best of the best,” some readers proffered more serious ideas for the folks behind the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign, a public-image-improvement effort spawned four years ago with an alliance of major industry associations and participants.

Among possible names offered for the pictured trucking “mascot,” via Overdrive‘s Facebook page:

Michael Andra: Trucky McTruckface!

(Connor Smith: Call it Trucky McTruckFace, because that’s obviously the best name you’re gonna get.)

Christina Dills: Wall-e

John Klotz: Charlie Trucker

Mark Staite: Dumper

Steve Kroon: Buddy

Todd Sternberg: It’s simple … “Jake”

Troy Budzisz: Fred

Kayla Lynne Kroon: C.B.

Among other suggestions was “Overdrive,” and several readers chimed in to criticize the entire idea:

Lance Chris Ringler: You want to improve our image, then start teaching drivers to be more courteous on the road [rather than] hogging the middle lane, and taking 20 miles to pass. All that does is make the general public hate us more.

Mike Suehring: How about “Dumbest Idea Ever.” A little long-winded, but I think it says everything that needs to be said about this.

Representatives of TMAF originally noted a voting round would open on suggestions they’d received via the campaign’s Facebook page or email to

Trucking image group unveils mascot, solicits name submissions

Name submissions for the new mascot can be submitted via email to After the submission process, TMAF will hold a voting contest to determine ...

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