Driver to Speaker of the House: ‘Be a politician for the people’

Driver Steven Brown makes an economic argument against speed limiters in his letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, calling the DOT's proposed mandate "just another way to tax the working class."

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Confusion on the sidelines

"So the sky is falling and we're in imminent danger of not having enough truck drivers. We're all going to starve and perish, unless they can get speed limiters on the trucks and everyone on electronic logs. ... "

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‘Trucking boom’ in driver pay, says the WSJ

Driver pay on the rise, according to a new Wall Street Journal story. What's been your experience for income this year compared to last?

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Riding the spot market boom

Higher than typical volumes on the spot market coupled with tight trucking capacity are improving the rate landscape. Independents: Identify high-demand freight situations and negotiate for top dollar.

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Reader: Government deserves some thanks

"The public needs trucks and truckers, and truckers need what the public pays for. The public will is expressed through government, not talk radio." --Jim Mesthene of Waltham, Mass.

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TCA offers econ webcasts

The TCA is collaborating with Internet Truckstop and Big Truck TV to offer TCA members a twice monthly webcast highlighting truckload-specific economic and industry data

Read More adds a Facebook page; more on driver pay

Since I wrote about site proprietor and owner-operator Ken Harris in the October edition of Truckers News and in Overdrive in smaller form around the same time, Harris has continued to make strides keeping the memory of onetime diesel showman Tyrone Malone and his apocryphal Bandal Diesel Racing Team alive. Most recently, he's launched a Facebook page for fans to share memories and new finds of pictures and such. Check it out, or click on ...

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