Kenny Capell

Counting down the hours to 2016: The Channel 19 year in review, part 1

We've got a full 14-hour clock's worth of on-duty time, and more, left yet, so check back tomorrow and on New Year's Eve for the second and third parts of this the annual year in review on the Channel 19 blog.

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Kenny Capell’s obstruction of justice case at the scale house, in his own words

Capell hopes it becomes common practice in law enforcement to better respect the job trucking professionals do by refraining from waking sleeping codrivers absent reasonable suspicion.

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Driver cleared of obstruction charges after being woken up by police in the sleeper of team-driven truck

Kenny Capell was charged with obstruction of justice after refusing to comply with an ID check after being forced awake during a routine stop at the Northbound scale in Ringgold, Ga.

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