Custom-built 1979 International Transtar II of Iowa-based Andy Goettsch

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Updated May 26, 2023

Andy Goettsch, owner of Galva, Iowa-based Goettsch Dispatch, showed this immaculate custom 1979 International Transtar II at the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, where it won first place in the Antique Custom -- Bobtail class.

The 19-truck fleet works in the agriculture industry, hauling livestock, grain, feed ingredients and more.

Goettsch said the classic International has always been a dream of his to own, as his dad's first new truck back in the day was the same series of truck. "The truck was something I grew up in as a kid," he said.

Andy Goettsch's 1979 International Transtar IIThe truck was custom-built by VDZ Customs out of Hull, Iowa, from the ground-up.Video and photos by Lawson Rudisill

Just about every part on the truck was touched in some form or fashion during the rebuild, ranging from the engine through the interior. The truck is powered by a 350-hp Cummins Big Cam with a 13-speed.

Andy Goettsch's 1979 International Transtar II fuel tankThe fuel tanks were custom built specifically for this truck, and Goettsch said there's "not another set of fuel tanks" like these out there.

Another part of the build was shortening the wheelbase to 265 inches.

Interior of Andy Goettsch's 1979 International Transtar IIThe interior of the truck was completely redone during the rebuild. Goettsch said "every nut and bolt was completely gone" and they "completely started over from scratch."

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Andy Goettsch: It was always a dream of mine to do something like this, and this is a truck that I grew up in as a kid and it's just something I've always wanted to do. I'm Andy Goettsch, born and raised Galva, Iowa. Own a trucking business there with about 50 employees. We do all ag-related, livestock, grain, feed ingredients. Our name is Goettsch Dispatch.

This is a 1979 International Transtar. We started from the ground up, completely redone it. Everything was done by some guys in Hull, Iowa, VDZ Customs, and the fenders are Hogebuilt on the back. The fuel tanks are custom. They completely built them. There's not another set of fuel tanks like it. Yeah, the wheels we had sent off to a guy and they cut the holes bigger in them. I think it looks good with the big holes.

It's got a 350 Cummins, a Big Cam, with a 13-speed. It's a 2014 suspension. We actually shortened it. When we bought it, it was actually longer, but we kind of shortened it up a little bit to where it was. It's at a 265 wheelbase is where it's at. The interior's completely been redone in it. It was down to a complete shell. Every nut and bolt was completely gone. It's completely started over from scratch.

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