More you can do if you do not support protest calls

The truckers’ shutdown/strike/protest is moving forward and gaining lots of media attention. The Letstruck team has spent the last three days writing, calling and e-mailing every news organization we can find contact info for. I have written a list of reasons why I do not support this group, and we have sent dozens of hard copies of it overnight, have e-mailed it hundreds of times and we have left phone messages everywhere. Last night, we had this discussion on the issue, and I have made myself available to all other shows on the Road Dog Channel to come on and give the other side of the issue. So far I have only been contacted by one show. I did an interview with Julie Mason on the POTUS channel 124. We are continuing our efforts to get our positions heard and we would appreciate any help anyone can give in this effort.

I’m not holding my breath and waiting for the news media to call. We all need to step up our efforts to be heard. I have created several ways to continue open discussions about this issue. The leaders behind this movement have chosen to delete comments not agreeing with their position. I’m more interested in hearing from anyone who wants to voice an opinion about what is happening, for it or against it. I’m not deleting any comments or posts, I just ask that you try to stick to the issues and not make personal attacks or threats.

Here is a link to the Facebook page for open discussion

If you agree that this current protest does not represent you as a driver or small business owner operator, here is what we can do as a group: 

1) Stay active online. Like/comment/share/retweet all posts, discussions and articles that you agree with and that intelligently portrays why this event is not in the best interest of the trucking industry, or the American citizens. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

2) Stay active in the media. We are blessed with a channel all our own. Call all shows on the Road Dog channel SiriusXM 128 and express your opinion. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

3) Help me document the media coverage of this event. We all know that there are going to be cameras and microphones placed in front of drivers who aren’t prepared to articulate the real issues. There are also going to be cameras and microphones placed in front of drivers who will be expressing anger and emotion rather than common sense and logic. I want to document and save as much of this coverage as possible. When it’s all over I would like to put it all together so that maybe we can all learn something so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes that plague this industry and our image over and over again. 
Please, stick to the facts or your opinion of the issues and do not make any personal attacks. There will be plenty of that going around and the media will be all over it. We need to rise above that mentality.