Rates hall of shame 2015: Bottom 10 U.S. states for outbound freight

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Updated Jun 19, 2016

Little bit of re-visit to a post from 2015 here, with an update â€” last year’s Rates Hall of Shame looked at long-term 2014 outbound rate averages on the spot market, mined from Truckstop.com’s paid-rates dataset. No surprise at the time: Colorado was in all three top 10 (or bottom 10, as it were) van, flat and reefer shame lists that surprisingly good year, as were a few other states.

Year 2015 was markedly different from the freight and rate perspective, however, seeing volumes fall-off from 2014 highs, which fall continued through the first part of this year.

Colorado, however, is still in every segment’s top 10 hall of shame, joined this year by more states well away from East and West Coasts. Without further ado (drumroll please), here’s the 2015 Rates Hall of Shame, with the top (or bottom, again) 15 states for good measure in each major tracked trailer segment that showed the lowest average rate on outbound loads in 2015. In each chart, the top bar shows the 2015 rate, the second the average over the first four months of 2016 for more recent comparison.

Rates, again, are based on Truckstop.com paid rates, or verified rates paid to carriers. After each list/chart, an interactive heat map shows the 2015 average for all 48 continental U.S. states — give it a look for states whose markets performed better on average last year (darker-shaded areas indicate higher rates).

Dry van 2015 hall of shame

2015 van rates outbound, by state

Compare maps with 2014 overall in each segment via this link.

Flatbed 2015 hall of shame

2015 flatbed rates outbound, by state

Reefer 2015 hall of shame

2015 reefer rates outbound, by state

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