'Cherry Pie' 1973 W900A, owner inducted into Howes Hall of Fame

Updated Jul 31, 2023
'Cherry Pie' 1973 Kenworth W900A
This "Cherry Pie" 1973 Kenworth W900A and its owner, Kate Whiting, are the newest members of the Howes Hall of Fame.
Howes Products

Howes Products used the backdrop of the 44th Iowa 80 Truckers Jamboree in Walcott, Iowa, to announce its ninth member to be inducted into the Howes Hall of Fame.

Representing restored trucks everywhere, “Cherry Pie,” a 1973 Kenworth W900A, along with owner and restoration enthusiast Kate Whiting, will be joining a distinguished list of inductees made up of people, places and things that make the trucking industry so vibrant.

Members of the truck restoration community are a well-connected and, of course, well-traveled group. With hundreds of shows scattered across the country, there is never a shortage of beautiful, classic trucks on display, each harkening back to a special time in the history of the trucking industry.

Exhibiting trucks that were featured in classic movies, to timeless models that served throughout the decades, these passionate, creative people draw crowds everywhere they show their vehicles. In many cases, their tireless workhorses are still active, pulling loads and logging miles as they continue to keep up with newer models. 

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“There’s just something so rewarding that comes from being able to bring these epic giants back to life,” said Kate Whiting, owner and operator of Cherry Pie. “I know in my case, once I laid eyes on Cherry Pie, I could see her potential, her hidden charm. Over time, lots of time, and with the help of many other special people, I was able to get her back in action.” 

Originally owned by Mike Orton, who purchased the then brand-new Kenworth W900A in 1973, the truck worked hard for 30 years before it’s retirement. It spent the next eight lonely years parked on the grass before Whiting found it. Along with the help of friends in the restoration community, she worked hard to get the truck where it is today.

After showing it off for over two years, earning accolades and awards from shows across the country, including recent recognition from Kenworth’s 100-year celebration, Whiting has plans to put the truck back to real work.

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“Cherry Pie will be heading back into service hauling livestock for me at my company, KW Pony Express,” she said. “We know she’s in great shape, and her power has never been stronger.”  

Howes started its Hall of Fame in 2020, inducting notable members from the trucking and farming industries. The Howes family believes that the entire restoration industry is worthy of such acknowledgement and feels that Cherry Pie and Whiting serve as fantastic representatives.

“Traveling to shows large and small, we recognized quickly just how passionate truckers are about the beauty of restored trucks, their rich histories, and the unique stories that each one can tell,” said Rob Howes, President of Howes Products. “Meeting Kate and seeing the pride, camaraderie, and sheer talent she and others used to restore Cherry Pie was inspirational, but even more fascinating, was her appreciation and knowledge of where Cherry Pie had come from. Cherry Pie’s story and Kate’s role in her resurrection made both perfect representations of restored trucks and their restorers, respectively. We’re so excited that through them, we are able to pay tribute the restoration industry as a whole.”

Kate Whiting and her 'Cherry Pie' 1973 Kenworth W900AKate Whiting walks through the work she did to restore "Cherry Pie" during a video shot at the 2022 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.Matt ColeThe Howes Hall of Fame showcases the stories of all its inductees in a fun and interactive digital environment.

Previous Howes Hall of Fame inductees include:

Find Cherry Pie and Whiting's corner within the virtual Howes Hall of Fame via this link. Deserving potential Hall of Fame members can be nominated via this link.   

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