Celebrating Jazzy Jordan, round-up and recap

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Timessquarepic1As I noted in my brief post yesterday, it’s wonderful to see Jasmine “Jazzy” Jordan looking as happy as she does in this photo, taken just after her 3,162-mile run’s finish yesterday in Times Square. Jazzy’s father, Lee, had this to say about his daughter’s happiness: “She deserves to be that happy. It’s tremendous that she made this.”

Here here. As I’ve noted elsewhere, Jordan at 17 is the youngest woman to ever even attempt such a thing as running from coast to coast, much less complete the endeavor. All the same, the delight at being done is tempered by her recognition that a momentous chapter in her life is nearing a close. “I’m going to miss a lot of it,” she said, including the contact the run has afforded her with so many among the nation’s trucking community, for whom she ran. “Every place we’ve been has just been great,” she added. “I won’t forget any of it.” She posted to her Facebook page just this morning that she “could have never [finished the run] without the support from truckers,” among other friends and family.

If you’ve been reading this blog even occasionally for the past several months, you’re likely fully cognizant of Jazzy’s story. For newcomers, and those who wish to revisit the pieces of the broader puzzle that has been one amazing journey, I’ve included links to my posts/stories and other work from my colleagues at Truckers News and Overdrive in chronological order below. Following that are associated videos, too, including from my own interviews and run with Jordan in Nashville.

As for what’s next, Jordan noted that, after finishing her senior year of high school in Dalton, Minn., next year, she may continue to train for the Olympics — that’d be the 2016 Olympics, since her decision to do the just-completed benefit run for the St. Christopher fund precluded her fully training to go out for 2012. “I at least want to go and watch them,” she told me yesterday on the phone.

For now, the final bit of schoolwork for her junior year, for which she received an extension, calls, as does a sky-diving trip with her mother, Paulette, owner of the pilot car portion of that family business, which might well be considered the biggest sponsor of Jazzy’s run, to make up for all that time spent with dad.

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For his part, Lee Jordan also expressed relief at the end of the run. “I am happy to be done as far as watching her go through the pain,” he said. In the final weeks, Jazzy had been experiencing quite a lot of pain in her feet, shins and knees. “That’s been a tough deal for me, very hard to watch.” But he, too, was somewhat wistful at the end. “As far as the time I’ve been able to spend with her,” he said. “I will most definitely miss that.”

Here’s wishing the Jordans all the best going forward. One thing on that front is certain, Lee says. The pair will be in attendance at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas Aug. 26-28. Look for them there.

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