Staying ahead of the inspectors

| July 10, 2015

Maintenance violations are by far the biggest single contributor to the Motor Carrier Management Information System database that underpins CSA, accounting for on the order of 70-plus percent of the total violations contained therein.

While you can’t influence how bad a roadside or weigh-station inspector’s day has been before you see him, you can make the inspection easy by not taking any chance on whether your rig will pass muster.

These following Overdrive articles offer tips on maintenance of lights, brakes and other common areas of equipment failure and inspectors’ priority. Use these resources as you need them to help prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Download our CSA’s Data Trail 48-state reports on maintenance violation priorities via the series main data site

Overdrive‘s Partners in Business manual contains a wealth of maintenance-related material.

Tires and brakes
CCJ air-brake ebook
How-to: Build a closed greasing system

How-to: Replacing brake linings and more
How-to: DIY tire maintenance
CSA and Tire Basics
Spec’ing tires
Preventing tire/brake failure
Avoiding top tire killers
CSA and tire basics
Tire pressure and load

Lights and electrical systems
Lighting plug and socket PM
Electrical system PM
How-to: Maintain fuses
How-to: Maintain batteries
How-to: Replace alternator
Preventing battery drain
Preventing power divider failure
How-to: Upgrade headlamps for longevity

Power- and drivetrain
Liner protrustion and why it’s critical
An alternative to the standard dyno

Preventive maintenance pointers
How-to: Save the turbo with clean oil, good driving habits
Crankshaft damper PM
Torque ratings and maintenance/economy
How-to: Transmission and axle PM
2010 engines
How-to: Change oil
Synthetic oil
Overhauling the engine
Oil viscosity
How-to: Maintain steering

Air system
How-to: Detect air leaks
Preventing air pressure loss
How-to: Replace gladhand seals

Trailers and other topics
Hoses and belts: Avoiding premature failure, maximizing life
9 maintenance items many owner-operators don’t have

How-to: Maintain suspension
Proper DPF care
How-to: Maintain landing gear
How-to: Beat corrosion
Spec’ing trailers for durability
How-to: Service reefer unit
Preventing broken belts/clamps/hoses
How-to: Air-conditioner PM
PM pointers for on/off-road operations

March 2012 cover story: CSA Proof Your Rig

Catch an overview of the basics of a good maintenance program via the maintenance Chapter in Partners in Business.

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