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Skydiving to the ark: A Channel 19 2010 ‘Year in Review’

| December 31, 2010

IRT: Deadliest Roads, sending Ice Road Haulers to tough Himalayan mountain passes, premiered on the History Channel, and my interview of Lisa Kelly would not be the last time she was mentioned in the blog this year.   

People kept talking about there not being enough drivers — CSA 2010 seemed to be scaring the wits out of carriers — but on the upside driver pay and rates were reportedly on the rise. We released a comprehensive CSA handbook for drivers, immediately after which news surfaced of a viable way for drivers to avoid paying $10 to the government PSP contractor just to verify the accuracy of their information on file. CSA would go live in December, and as of this year-in-review, everyone was continuing to assess what it would really mean for drivers and carriers, after of course preassessing it all year long. Maybe, it was suggested by more than few drivers, we’d done too good job of that preassessing, to the point, well, of overassessing…

Christmas stories began before Thanksgiving was even over, with early news of a dealer’s monthlong sweepstakes (resolved just yesterday) and news of the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree’s hauler beginning his cross-country trek. And a wrap was made on one Nashville fleet’s flood story, if trucking’s full post-flood story remained incomplete.

The end of the year approached, and FMCSA realized they might have a problem in 2011 with an enforcement program called CSA 2010, so they renamed it CSA. Things were mostly quiet but for all the arguing, of course, over all manner of things, from an hours-of-service proposal to whether a Louisiana truckstop should really be displaying a grown Bengal tiger on its property to more CSA news to Wikileaks to whether Class 8s were more efficient than four-wheelers to DOT’s determination to introduce a ban on all handheld cell phone use by commercial drivers.

Lisa Kelly (pictured) didn’t come up, but the trucking-sponsored bowl game at which she was scheduled to appear Dec. 18 was won handily by Northern Illinois.

Best of all, I got to finish the month out by writing this round-up; at least, it’ll make a handy reference in future, a trucking time capsule that hits on not only the big issues but a cross-section of individual moments in history, peopled by those who really make the industry move.

Here’s wishing all of you a happy new year. I’ll see you on the other side of it. CSA is likely to come up, if not Lisa Kelly.   strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.